Word of Truth


Tired of the ‘status quo’, Word of Truth (WOT) Bible Study began in 2005 with 22 people who desired to experience something different, something fresh, something GOD. Within a month, WOT more than doubled in its attendance. With a mandate to reach others for Christ and a desire to provide an enriching environment for those who already know Him, WOT held its first public service with over 140 people in attendance. All of this within WOT’s first six weeks!

Word of Truth is home to some of the most awesome people in the DFW metroplex. From all walks of life, situations and backgrounds, WOT is a ‘melting pot’ of believers, overcomers or as we like to call them – champions.

Together, we have won battles, celebrated triumphs and encouraged each other through faith. Since our beginning, WOT has experienced Acts 2:47, where, ‘The Lord added to the church daily‚Ķ’ and with over 1000 weekly attendees, WOT continues to make its indelible mark upon the metroplex.

Imagine no more, come on out, visit and meet some of the most wonderful people on the planet!

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