Dr. Robb Thompson has lived in the city of Chicago all of his life and has pastored the same church for over thirty years. Having earned his theological degrees at Life Christian University, Robb has authored more than thirty books, addressing such topics as renewing the mind, understanding relationships, and building godly marriages (from the perspectives of both men and women), as well as how to attain success by applying biblical principles concerning money, debt, the workplace, and business relationships. In addition to these accomplishments, he travels the globe annually, speaking to churches, governments, conferences, and corporations. Robb Thompson has spoken in over forty nations. However, what he most wants to be known for is his desire to be a sermon, not just give one.

Robb is the Founder and Senior Leader of FHC, one of America’s most influential congregations, located on the southwest side of the city of Chicago. He also is the co-founder of the “Gabriel Call,” an organization devoted to building and developing Christian entrepreneurs.

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