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Multicultural Direct Response,
Automobile, and Real Estate

Prism… A Rainbow of Abundance

Prism is open to airing any direct response, automobile, and real estate infomercials, from every culture locally, nationally and internationally! TV is of one language. Even if an infomercial bought airtime on Prism, and it was in an alien language from outer space, the product would STILL sell in America’s third largest market. That’s the power of television and the coverage of almost 11 million people in 4 states. Whether your program is in Chinese, Spanish, Urdu, Swedish or Greek (not excluding every other language), regardless of an English subtitle, people WILL respond to it no matter what language it’s in or what country it’s from! Houses, automobiles, and all direct response, advertise them on Prism and watch a rainbow of abundance end in pots of gold!


Multicultural Spirituality of all Faiths

Prism… A Rainbow of Faiths

In this multicultural and religiously diverse world, people are hungry for guidance, love and your message. If your spiritual guidance is sincere and you air consistently on Prism, you WILL save lives, and your message WILL grow. Our clients testify to their organization’s growth and to grateful viewers recognizing them everywhere they go since broadcasting with Prism. Light cannot be contained when its purpose is to illuminate. Why wait? Start illuminating America’s heartland, in America’s third largest market. Let Prism be your spiritual 911 and see your messages of hope and salvation save lives faster than ever before!


Multicultural Programming

Prism … a Rainbow of Programming

From Polish to Spanish, we have a rate that you can afford. While America becomes more diverse, more local immigrants cry out for programming that doesn’t come from a satellite dish from afar, but airs quality programming about their local issues right here in the Midwest. In America’s third largest market, Prism has blocks of time that can cater to any message, any language, and any nationality. Let Prism spread your message to everyone and change a rainbow of lives with your story.